Roller Derby + Herbalife

19 May

Roller Derby + Herbalife

Roller Derby + Herbalife = Perfect combination


Mr B baked a cake !

18 May

Mr B baked a cake !

Our favorite chocolate cake recipe , Mr I’s far too easy chocolate cake from Quirky cooking .

Exciting times

9 May

It has been a long long time since I last  blogged , so much has changed with me and my outlook on life .


We are about to pick up our lives and move them to the other side of the country , it’s big , our boys really only know this place as home , they were much too young to remember us living anywhere else .

I am really going to miss this place and the life we have made for ourselves here . I will miss the beach being just down the road , I will miss the almost constant bright blue sky as I pull open the curtain every morning . I am really going to miss my Roller Derby family at North West Roller Derby , we really are a family , if you are involved in roller derby then you know what I’m talking about .

We have also made the decision to home educate our children , in a form of Unschooling . After much research we think this will be the best path to take , it fits with our beliefs and we really believe this way of learning will benefit our children .

In order to have the freedom to stay at home and facilitate our children in this wonderful Unschooling life , I  decided to join the most amazing team and  become a wellness coach . Using fabulous products for inner and outer nutrition , products that I use myself & love and am passionate about  , the world’s number 1 nutrition company Herbalife .

It’s only the beginning and I really think this  business will give our family the freedom to live , learn and follow our dreams .

And this is so much what Unschooling is about , becoming an entrepreneur in something you are passionate about .

For me that has always been Health and Wellness 🙂

I’m excited , let the adventure begin !

Dear parents, you need to control your kids. Sincerely, non-parents

17 Sep

The Matt Walsh Blog

To the fan I lost yesterday:

I don’t owe you an explanation, but I thought I’d offer one anyway. I do this more for your sake than mine. You see, maybe, as you later suggested, I was in a bad mood. Maybe I could have been a bit more polite about it. Maybe I’m more sensitive to it now that I have kids. Maybe I’m just sick of hearing these comments about parents. Maybe I know that my wife has to take the twins with her when she goes grocery shopping sometimes, so she could easily be on the receiving end of your sort of bullying. Maybe I took it personally.

Whatever the case, there I was, walking down the aisles of the grocery store looking for the ingredients for a new chili recipe I wanted to try. I heard the kid screaming from a distance; the whole store heard…

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Food wars….

16 Sep

I have not blogged in what feels like forever .

I have been having my own little food wars .

Food has always been something pleasurable to me , I loved every aspect , preparing , the smells , the flavours , sweet , salty , tart .

But the past few months food has not been my friend , I turned my back on cooking , it was consuming me , it was a chore .

I think being paleo for over 12 months and following it like it was gospel made me go slightly ‘more’ insane .

I have gone off eating meat too… you can’t be paleo and not eat meat !!

So now I am done with labels .

I have even been eating stuff like this



My gorgeous Husband made me the most decadent mudcake for my birthday .

Out of GLUTEN !!!!!!

0A31 125D

It was mouth watering delicious .

It even has blue sprinkles on top , chosen by our 4 year old because his favourite color is blue .

I even ate a donut king hot cinnamon donut !

And you know what ?

We are all still alive and healthy *Shock Horror !!

I spend the last four years researching food , trying to eat the most healthy way possible .

We started this journey before my oldest was one , we cut out additives and preservatives to see if it helped with his eczema ,

It did and very grateful for that . I also experienced weight loss with this new clean eating lifestyle .

And even more weigh loss with going paleo , 30 kg in fact !

But I hit a plateau , lost my new found energy , my glowing skin disappeared then began gaining and all my thoughts turned to hating food .

THEN I found Go Kaleo and Just ate the damn food !

Things are beginning to change , I am cooking again , vegetarian meals like this

Zuchini 001

Basils pesto zucchini & carrot noodles .

I am still don’t have my energy back and I’m still not completely in love with food again ,

but I know I will most likely never be paleo again .

We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!

10 Aug

This is brilliant !

The Matt Walsh Blog

What the hell is wrong with us? We’ve made porn into a billion dollar industry, we put sex into everything from fast food advertisements to family TV shows, we allow our daughters to idolize teenage pop stars who dress like hookers and sing about fornication; we are a culture that is permissive, hyper sexual and overtly hedonistic, yet, in spite of all of this, BREASTFEEDING is somehow offensive to us. We suffer from a special brand of insanity, so unique that it needs its own name: Progressive Puritanism. For the most part we carry on like we’re living in Sodom or Gomorrah, but if someone goes really crazy and decides to feed their child in sight of other humans, all of the sudden we turn into Victorian prudes. It doesn’t make any sense.

In the last few days I’ve seen a few stories dealing with the “controversy” surrounding breastfeeding in…

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week !

7 Aug

Happy World Breastfeeding Week !

Nursing my tow little Dinosaurs 🙂

An appreciation Party .

20 Jul

Today we had a party .

It was a special party for Daddy Dinosaur , a way for us to thank him .

Thank him for going to work everyday so we can all stay home together .

Daddy Dinosaur is a fantastic daddy , he is a giant big kid himself and our boys adore him .

We all love him to bits 🙂

0Alovedada 004

We made decorations .

0Alovedada 011

0Alovedada 010

Mr 4 even decided to write his first word !

(I was so excited and proud)

0Alovedada 014

We made him a cake .

Same recipe as my Thomas the tank engine cake .

0Alovedada 049

Then Daddy Dinosaur came home from work .

Party time !!!!

Grain-free Pancakes – ones that roll !

13 Jul

I remember eating pancakes when I was a kid ,

they were thin , not as thin as a crepe but thin enough to roll up and eat while honey and butter dripped down your arms.

I have been struggling to re-create this in a gain-free version .

0Anadiatopdeck 021

Until now !!

And all you need is 4 little ingredients .

0Anadiatopdeck 017

8 eggs

2 heaped Table spoons coconut flour

2 heaped Table spoons arrowroot flour

1 tin coconut milk (270 ml)

0Anadiatopdeck 018

I wizz it all up in Gertrude on speed 6 for 20 seconds .

You could use a blender or whisk by hand .

The mixture is thin , almost a milk consistency .

Pour into hot greased pan and cook until golden on both sides .

0Anadiatopdeck 044

These are a most requested favourite in our house .

This recipe served with fresh fruit salad makes enough for 2 adults and 2 children .

Drizzle with coconut nectar or organic maple syrup 🙂


Roller Derby Bling

6 Jul

Roller Derby Bling


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